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Pico Health

Co-Founder - Expert Medical Second Opinion Service



Pico was born from two issues close to our hearts: (1) the NHS in the wastes over £2bn a year on unnecessary treatments and, more importantly, (2) that 1 in 6 NHS patients are misdiagnosed


We wanted to provide a service that:

  1. Make it easy, fast and affordable to get a second opinion from an expert

  2. Minimise risk of wrong diagnosis and treatment, and provide reassurance

  3. Reduce cost for patients and society, and improve quality of life for patients and their relatives

Reports will need to be accurate to the literature, and also well worded and designed that patients can understand the information provided. The reports need to take experts no longer than 30 minutes per patient.


We set up the service and trialled it on a small set of patients. We focussed on orthopaedic diagnoses, because the risks are relatively lower than other diseases. We needed to ensure diagnoses were evidence based, and aimed to give weightings behind each diagnosis for likely hood, based on results and literature. We also aimed to give patients several recommendations for treatments, with links out to further information and surgeons with high performance in that area. Reports will be easy to create for expert, eventually using AI to generate content for surgeons to then “curate” into the report.

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