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Imperial College London (MSk Lab)

Clinical Trial Electronic Data Capture System



The MSk Lab is based at Charing Cross Hospital and comprises a team of over 30 full-time surgeons, physiotherapists, scientists and engineers all seeking to understand musculoskeletal health and degeneration and to prevent and treat a wide array of problems associated with impaired mobility.


The MSk Lab needed to run a multi-site, two year, 200 patient extendible clinical trial on a new medical device. Sites were international and each site would need to submit data to a central database. Existing studies used paper forms and multiple human data entry points. The goal was to provide the MSk Lab with an electronic data capture solution that was secure, easy to manage, and updatable if need be.


Castor EDC is a modern framework for capturing clinical trial data. Custom forms can be built depending on study and patient cohort design. Sites are able to easily enter data to the online tool, and the study coordinators are always up to date with trial data, and any reports. Automatic field validations were built in to prevent common data entry issues. A user manual was provided to assist with training users on the software.

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