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Embody Orthopaedic

Patient Specific Instruments



Embody Orthopaedic make patient specific solutions for orthopaedic surgeries, by combining the latest technologies in design software, design automation & 3D printing. Each Embody patient receives a set of surgical instruments designed and manufactured specifically for them.


The project goal was to introduce a fundamental change in the supply chain of surgical devices, to disrupt the existing supply chain model for orthopaedic surgery by using, pre-operative planning to drive the implant ordering process and the design and delivery of patient-specific instruments.


We took advantage of advances in 3D printing, the latest web technologies, and digital supply platforms to integrate the surgeon, the supplier and the patient into a single system, generating efficiencies at every level. For knee surgery alone, this has the potential for annual savings of up to £140,000 for a hospital, £33m for the entire NHS, and £1.5m for a UK implant company.

Embody Ortho