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I’m a software developer and systems designer. I work with new technologies to improve lives. I lead teams of skilled engineers. I also make websites, build fires, run festivals, fly drones and play drums.

Recent work

I currently work at a start-up born out of Imperial College research, Embody. At Embody I lead teams in transformative projects that combine new technologies in software, 3D printing, design automation, to provide healthcare that is more effective, and more affordable.

What I do

Medical Device Design — Software Development — Rapid Prototyping — 3D Printing — Design / Manufacturing Automation — Service Design — UX/UI Design — Software Testing — Usability Validation — Risk Management

Why I do it

I am excited by the opportunities that new technologies bring, especially in medicine, where increasing costs and decreasing budgets are raising pressure for everyone involved. Device manufacturers need to find better performing systems that are at the same time more affordable to hospitals. Nurses and doctors need information systems that allow them to work more efficiently, saving them time from an increasingly busy schedule: we not only need faster systems, we need them to be more emotive and intuitive. In this environment, we are forced us to come up with more innovative solutions. Often the solution is digital. Take DeepMind’s segmentation and visualisation tool as an example: it identifies tumours in image data faster and more reliably than humans. Access to healthcare is also improving through digital solutions: personalised healthcare via smartphones, bringing AI doctors trained by experts in London to those living in remote parts of the world with no access to a GP, but more than enough access to 4G. Digital solutions are providing more people with more access to cheaper, better, and faster healthcare on a global scale. I want to be part of this change.

How I do it

I work with the best tools and technologies for the job:

  • Project management: MS Project, JIRA

  • Software prototyping: Sketch, InVision, Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator

  • Software development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, React, .NET, PHP

  • Software testing: Mocha, Gauge, Cucumber

  • Hosting: AWS, Rackspace

  • Website development: Squarespace, Wordpress, Facebook Business Manager

  • Graphic design: Adobe CC (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop)

  • Video editing (software training and drone videos): FCPX