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Avins Farm

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Avins Farm is a small farm based in the south of England that rents barns and fields for weddings and other events.


Hughes needed an online front for their smart homes business. As a start-up catering to the higher end of the market, they needed to prove their credibility. The brand had not been well established, but the logo was complete, so further branding would have to be an extension of this. Hughes wanted a single page interaction so users could navigate with minimal scroll: the “dynamic information space”.


To convey the luxury lifestyle of the buildings and apartments Hughes develops, we went for a clean and minimal look with long highlight lines; black and silver with gold highlight colours. Starting from a brief sketch, we prototyped the dynamic information space (Adobe XD) and worked iteratively to ensure the interaction was engaging and that we could fit the right amount of information on each page.

Avins Mobiles 2.png